Attuned Herbals

Supporting health and wellbeing through empowerment, knowledge and designing balanced herbal blends to be used throughout the year


In this busy world, Attuned Herbals becomes an opportunity to take a deep breath. To indulge in a regular self-care ritual. To re-centre, re-align, promote positivity and help to bring the body back to optimum health.


Attuned Herbals were looking for the whole suite! In this project we’re working on social updating copy, building email funnels, developing a more consistent social media presence, developing an enhanced online presence, improving search engine optimisation and so much more. This project is ongoing, with phase one (website + copy + illustrations) now complete. Phase two (reach) coming soon!


“I am so in love! You have such an eye for detail. This website looks so much more refined and thought out. I couldn’t be happier.”


Ecom Mockup
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