Branding by seedling

What Are the Four Branding Strategies?

You’ve taken growth to an entirely new level in the last year — from personal growth to starting up a business, you’re more dedicated than ever to building your...

5 Signs That Your Branding Isn’t Working

Providing top-notch services or products is only one part of business success. Even if you’re the best in your field, inferior branding can stop you from reaching your full...

6 Strategies for improving brand awareness

The branding for your product or service is one of the most essential advertising tools you have. When properly executed, your brand design connect with your dream customers, generate...

What’s missing from your marketing strategy?

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace, when a small business doesn’t have strong brand design, development, and marketing, it can be exceptionally difficult to attract the right audience....

A peek inside our brand process

Here’s one from the brand graveyard. This wasn’t the final brand mark chosen for seedling digital, but it’s still worth a share. Earth (solid foundation) + seed (an idea...

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