Content marketing: hacking your way to more leads

Content marketing is one of the most versatile and valuable ways to reach your target audience. It’s also relatively inexpensive and great for SEO. That said, it can be challenging to convert visitors to leads. How many of us have read an informative blog but taken zero action on the publisher’s website? 

If you’re enjoying more organic traffic but not generating enough leads, here’s how to power up your content marketing for better results.

What Makes Marketing Content Resonate With Readers? 

No matter whom you’re targeting, people generally have the same quirks and tendencies. Humans are more alike than you might imagine! Here are some psychological facts that impact our marketing’s effectiveness:

People are curious by nature. To get them to read and engage with your content, you need to tap into this curiosity. Use questions, as we did in the heading for this section. Feed little bits of information and tease what’s to come.

People have short attention spans. Be honest: when do you ever read something in full — unless you absolutely have to? Most people skim content, and they want quick answers. To get their attention, you have to get to the point!

People like to feel special. Everyone wants to have their problems solved and their egos stroked. When creating content, think about how you can add value to the reader. To boost conversions, you need to make them feel like they can be even better by engaging with you. 

If you keep these three facts in mind, you can create content that’s more compelling and conversion-friendly. Now, let’s look at some ways to encourage people to take action on your content.

How to Generate and Convert More Leads with Content Marketing

Content marketing encompasses everything from blogs to emails to ebooks — and there is no shortage of any of these. How can your brand’s content stand out in the age of information overload? You need to help the reader envision a solution rather than keeping them as a passive consumer. Put these “hacks” into action:

Use action-oriented language

People’s eyes glaze over when they see generic copy and CTAs. “Buy now.” “Don’t miss this deal.” “Save money when you do X.” Everyone knows the basics of sales and discounts, so don’t talk down to them. Show them how they will benefit. For example, your CTA could say “Boost Your ROI by 12%” rather than “Book Now,” or “Ace Your Interview” instead of “Download E-Book.”

When writing your content, avoid sales-y buzzwords and just “be real.” Google loves organic, detailed content, and so do your leads. If you can tap into that human curiosity, you’re more likely to hook them. Keep enticing and engaging them until you drive them to the conversion point. 

Build upon your freebies

So-called lead magnets are the dead-end of content marketing. You collect an email address in exchange for a download, and then what? Your “lead” benefits from the e-book and never speaks to you again.

Instead of handing out freebies with no followthrough, your lead magnets should integrate with your products and services. Better yet, they should funnel readers into gated content (e.g. a content membership site, a premium e-book) and ultimately down your sales funnel.

Get “juicy” with your content

We bet you’ve read countless blogs that seemed eerily alike. That’s because many content marketers focus on regurgitating popular topics rather than leveraging their brand’s expertise. No one benefits from generic content — not the reader, not your company.

While every blog does create more opportunities for organic traffic, the key to conversion is to get specific. Offer “juicy” details that people can benefit from. (This ties into making people feel special, as we discussed above.) If your brand is exceptionally good at something, don’t be afraid to create a whole bunch of content around it!

Offer experience tiers

In the world of event management and performing arts, producers regularly offer “tiers” to their patrons. People can choose where they want to sit in a theater, whether or not they’d like VIP access, and so on. Put this approach into action for your content marketing.

Rather than releasing a generic set of blogs, articles, etc. across your channels, give your most intrigued visitors an opportunity to upgrade or complement their experience. Can you release a companion video for your latest blog? How about a private Facebook group for your VIP mailing list subscribers?

Also, you should identify several “content pillars” that you can drill down into. When people feel they can “choose their own adventure” with your content, they’re more likely to believe you can meet their needs. Plus, you can easily connect content, and therefore convert leads, across your various channels.

Wrapping Up

Content marketing is quite affordable and effective, but it’s also time-consuming. If done sloppily, it may turn away potential clients — or simply attract visitors who never convert. You can “hack” your content marketing by (a) tapping into human psychology to entice potential customers and (b) digging down into your brand’s areas of expertise to find a wealth of content. Throughout all your content, keep the focus on the reader! Show them how they can benefit by engaging with your brand.

Eager to start resonating with your visitors and driving them toward conversion? Not sure where to begin or how to identify your brand’s core content pieces? Seedling Digital is here to help. Reach out to us for expert branding and marketing services, as well as the web design you need to make it happen!

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