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A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another

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Brand and logo design

The basis of a strong business

A solid brand is an integral part of standing out.

Our brand design packages help you dig in to what you do, communicate this to your audience, build brand loyalty and develop leads that convert.

We keep you at the heart of everything we do

From start to finish, our process is designed to dig into the heart of your offering and develop a brand suite that lands with your target market, builds trust with your dream clients and represents your business in the best light. 

We have worked extensively on our branding questionnaire and consultation process to ensure your voice is a key part of the design process. 

Brand packages include two concepts, and clients have the option to make two rounds of refinements and revisions (although this isn’t always required). 

Custom made, just for you

Each brand is designed from scratch in Illustrator to suit your values, vibe, vision and target market.

No purchased or stock icons are used.

Vector files with transparent backgrounds are provided to ensure your brand marks can be scaled for use at any size, from a social media profile picture to a billboard. 

More than just a mark

Having just one logo mark can quickly feel tiresome and overdone. Seedling Digital brand packages give you a minimum of three marks to suit horizontal and vertical spaces, and help keep your brand fresh across various touchpoints. 

Each brand package comes with a full brand suite including:

– Client and competitor research.
– A minimum of three brand marks (logo lockups).
– Positioning statement and brand concept meaning.
– Curated stock images to help bring your brand to life.
– Brand mockups to support in brand launch. 
– A full set of colours to meet your needs across all digital and print requirements including; full colour, mono, grayscale, reverse, inverse, RGB, CMYK, Pantone U and Pantone C colours.
– A full set of file types to meet your needs across all digital and print requirements including; jpg, png, svg, ai and pdf.
– Brand guidelines for use including typography and colour selection.

You also have the option to add on associated collateral such as email signature, business cards, flyers, letterheads, PowerPoint templates etc.

seedling mockup

We'll help you put your best foot forward. 

Each brand is designed from scratch in Illustrator to suit your values, vibe, vision and target market.

No purchased or stock icons are used.

Vector files with transparent backgrounds are provided to ensure your brand marks can be scaled for use at any size, from a social media profile picture to a billboard. 

We provide guidelines for applicable use of various file types and colours to ensure you can make the most of your investment. 

Our clients say

Working with Nikki was a wonderful experience. She understood exactly what I needed and delivered beautiful and clean design.

She is totally customer focused and I couldn't recommend her enough!
Gina Smith
Saltwater Creative
Nikki knows her stuff and makes the branding process both educational and rewarding to experience.

Nikki is relatable, approachable and very talented at her craft. I can't recommend her more highly if you want to create a unique brand which is truly representative of your vision for your business.
Tegan Boorman
Social Law Co
Thank you for your efforts in preparing my branding for Gen 11, I’m very pleased with the result and the timeliness in the preparation and delivery.

Nikki was great to work with. She took on my vision and was able to turn it into branding that will last. Thanks Nikki!
Jared Buncombe
Gen 11

Frequently asked questions

This is so important to get right, for both of us!

If we’re a good fit, we’ll get the best result from your project.

To start with, I recommend taking a thorough browse through my portfolio of work and ensure you like my style and aesthetic. 

You might also like to follow me on Instagram to connect, chat, and see a bit more of a behind the scenes glimpse into my process. 

If you’re still not sure, I offer a free 15 minute consultation to answer any outstanding questions you might have about my style, work, process or delivery.

The clients I choose to work with:
– Understand that the design process is important and takes time.
– Are willing to open their horizons, take feedback and potentially have any preconceived ideas challenged. 
– Trust my experience as a designer. 
– Respect my time and pricing structure. 
– Understand that this process is collaborative, a two way street and requires timely input from you.

Short answer, no. 

Long answer, this just isn’t what I do. It’s not only unethical, it’s just not good business practice.

Each brand I build is designed custom to suit your business and target market. This ensures that your business can stand out in a crowded marketplace and your branding is unique. 

As part of the consultation process you have an opportunity to share examples of brands that you like. Throughout the design process I keep the feeling of these brands, rather than the representation of each mark, in mind. 

All packages include business card design, but physical delivery of cards is not included in the package price.

I have a printer I love and recommend, and can provide a 20% discount for you to make your first order. 

I totally understand this one, as I know choosing to work with me is a big investment, however this is not something I offer. 

I firmly believe in the power of having a full brand with multiple marks, colours, associated typography and guidelines.

My process includes strategy and marketing perspective, so you have power behind your visual representation.

This helps to ensure a consistent presence and build trust with your audience, where ‘just a logo’ doesn’t have the same effect. 

For brand packages, I accept payments via bank transfer in installments of: 

– 50% deposit to secure your project in the studio. 
– 50% payment prior to delivery of final files. 

In some cases I can break this down into 4 payments, over 8 weeks, or accept credit card payments, however the final payment must be made prior to delivery of final files. 

Please feel free to get in touch to work out a payment arrangement that suits you. 

This depends on the package and inclusions you select, and on how quickly you get your pre work completed.

As a guideline I allow one month for our Bud brand package and two months for our Bloom brand package. 

Of course! The Bloom brand package includes the design of one small collateral item, for example a letterhead, and one large collateral item, for example a flyer.

I’m also an expert in other aspects of design such as; website development, email direct marketing, and social media. 

There are some items, that aren’t my speciality, for example packaging or illustration. I’ve built a trusted network of partners, so if I can’t help you with a specific need I’ll refer you to someone who can.  

This is not something I offer as standard.

I provide you with a full range of brand file types to support you in every need, but if original design files are also required, these can be provided for a fee. 

Before I can get started, I require a bit of pre work from you.

Once you’ve accepted my contract and made an initial payment, I’ll send over a questionnaire for you to get started.

This questionnaire has been refined over time, and the questions are designed to draw out in depth information about you, your business and your target market to ensure I get an accurate picture of your needs and can deliver a brand that encapsulates your esssence.

You can save your questionnaire and come back to it over time, or submit in one go. 

You’re able to attach any files that might be useful for me, and I ask that you create a pinterest board to get a bit of insight into the style of branding you like. 

I’ve worked hard on refining my processes to ensure delivery of branding is seamless and stress free for both of us. 

Once you’ve selected a package, I’ll send over a timeline which outlines the steps taken for your chosen package, and how long each of these typically take. 

I also pride myself on keeping my clients up to date and keeping projects moving. So if I need something from you, I’ll be in touch. Likewise, if there is a delay at my end for any reason, this will also be communicated.

Still have questions?

I understand it’s a lot to think through!

Sometimes it’s better to jump on a zoom call, and talk it out. 

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