Is Professional Design Worth the Investment for Small Businesses?

You’ve finally gotten your brand off the ground, but now what? You offer amazing services and products, but no one knows it. Worse yet, you have a website or other online presence, but maybe it isn’t quite eye-catching or attention-grabbing enough to make people want to click and see what it is your company offers.

Sound like you? Business owners constantly struggle with making a name for themselves and making their brand known, and the thing they often forget is how the design truly matters. 

So you’ve decided to work on your brand identity and design, but that’s only part of the battle. Do you trudge on alone, or hire a professional to take on your brand design and web design projects? 

Check out the article below for our thoughts on whether or not a professional design service is something you should consider. 

Professional Branding Makes You Pop 

It’s true that your first impression matters. If your website looks or feels outdated and lacks logical flow, your customers will think you as a company are ill-organised and outdated as well. 

Your soon-to-be customers likely won’t spend time reading the details of your products if they are scared away by bad design. You want design to promote your brand’s messaging and make your visitors identify with your brand, your product, and your values to become buyers. 

It’s thought that 94% of first impressions left on a client are on design attributes alone. Most users formed an option on company websites in just 50 milliseconds, far too little time to read the great copy on your site describing each and every product and service offered. 

In addition, good design will make your brand more memorable once your user finishes a purchase or receives the service you offer. Things like colors on your website and advertisements will make your customers remember you. 

But, it’s very unlikely you will know exactly what to do to make your brand stand out to your targeted audience. You, after all, are your company, and very likely not an expert in graphic design or web design. Knowing exactly what will attract and retain the kind of audience you want is something a professional designer can assist your brand with and assist you in getting you the customers you want.

You’ll Make A Return on Investment

For just about every dollar you spend on good design, you can expect over twenty in increased revenues, and four dollars of that in direct profit. 

This means that not only does paying for good design pay for itself, your company will make more money by attracting more customers to your brand. 

Not only are you going to make more money on brand design, but you’ll be surging ahead of competitors who don’t bother spending on good design. Companies with good design outperform those with bad design by 219%, according to Adobe. By investing in the design of your brand and it’s website, you’re very likely to outperform your competitors who don’t bother to care. 

You’ll Gain Your Client’s Trust

Think about your last job interview. Dressing professional isn’t just a way for your future employer to get a good first impression, but it’s a way for them to know you put time and care into being prepared for the meeting. 

The same goes with your brand design. Investing in your brand’s image allows your customers to know you care about what it is they see and that sticks with them throughout the buying process. 

A good, professional design team can also make sure that your brand’s message is clear and accessible to your customers. A clean website shows everything that encompasses your brand and makes that message stick with your potential buyers. 

A clean, professional website tells your future customers that you’re invested in your business’s success and in your customer’s experience. You’re sending the message to them that, yes, your business is a priority and that the customer should prioritise your product or service above all others. 

How Do I Hire A Professional Designer? 

Your first step should be hiring a designer who has skills in all areas that you need. Whether it be WordPress web design expertise, brilliant logo design, or cohesive brand design, you need to ensure you’re hiring a designer that meets your business’s needs. 

Luckily, Seedling Digital offers all of the above services and more. Your focus should remain on your business. Your products and services should be your priority. Let the experts at Seedling Digital help shape your brand into what you’ve always known it to be. 
Check out some of our available services or reach out to us to schedule a consultation to take the next big step for your up-and-coming business.

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