RothCorp / RothCare

Have some fun, be creative!


This client is a corporation, but as part of the brief the owners said ‘have some fun, be creative’. The result was a type-based logo, with enough structure to feel corporate, but enough colour to be different. I love the result, and so did the client!


A stylised R + C have been flipped, and a heart added to form a brand symbol with dual meanings. ⁠

Firstly the R resembles a mountain, with a person standing atop. This represents the challenges that their products help users to overcome.⁠ Secondly, the entire mark resembles a person leaping, a daring expression of joy. This represents the products they provide. Products that enhance mobility and accessibility for their clients.


“Seedling digital provided the complete business package – logo’s, style guides, web upgrades and updates…… Nic was very professional to work with while being flexible and accommodating to our requirements – thanks Nic!”


Rothcare brand design mockup for a WordPress website on the Gold Coast.
Two business cards on a blue surface with Brand Design in Australia.
Rothcare Seedling Digital notebook on a white background in Gold Coast, Australia.
Rothcorp Australia logo design and development for a WordPress website on the Gold Coast.
haute stock photography subscription academia collection final 11

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