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The Sapien Brand has been designed on the premise of breaking through the limiting constraints we encounter throughout life. Whether these constraints come about through injury, physical capability or mental barriers, Sapien Rehab and Performance work to enable their clients to ride the wave of life to the fullest, and experience a higher standard of movement and vitality. The brand badge has been designed to resemble a wave and sun as a nod to founder Scott’s background as a surf physio, and a representation of the beautiful location Sapien is located, the sunny Gold Coast.


Stepping out on his own it was critical that Scott’s website convert well to enable him to make a living and create a viable business straight out the gate! 

Throughout the brand and web development process we focused on Scott’s niche of rehab and performance to ensure the right kind of clients would easily find him and convert knowing he’s exactly what they’re looking for. 


“Wow looks so epic!! Love what you have done.”


Brand Design for Sapian in Gold Coast.
A Seedling Digital laptop sits on a table next to a cup of coffee in Australia's Gold Coast.
Sapien Notepad
Sapien Sign Mockup
Two WordPress Website Design business cards on a blue surface.
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