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Strategy sessions

Let us help you find confidence and direction.

Together, we’ll find the answers to your questions.

– What does your business offer?
– How do you differ from your competitors?
– Who are your target audience?
– What are your target audience searching for?
– How do your target audience find you?
– How do you encourage conversion?
– How do you go above and beyond to deliver?

Dig in with a strategy session.

A Strategy Session with Seedling Digital allows you to

– Explore your business marketing pain points and develop solutions
– Make improvements to user experience
– Discover potential areas of growth
– Increase conversion rates
– Increase your own knowledge
– Gain clarity and direction around your marketing strategy and approach

What the Strategy Session includes

– Pre-session questionnaire (you).
– Pre-meeting research of digital presence and competitors (me).
– 1 hour meeting (in person in Currumbin Waters or Via Zoom).
– Documentation of findings in a customer value proposition document including business positioning statement, proof points, vision, values, roadmap and marketing recommendations.
– 30 minute check in one month post delivery to ensure accountability.

$825 one time payment*

Payment plan also available at checkout (4 fortnightly payments of $195 + GST)

Our clients say

"Nikki went above and beyond, giving me much more info than I anticipated, which gave me a better outcome than I hoped to get! Thanks Nikki, you're awesome."
Michael Murby
Easy Merchandising and Uniforms
"Seedling Digital is incredible! They provide thorough, thoughtful, creative and genuine assistance for small businesses. I was in awe of her ability to translate the digital language into terms I could work with and she gave me tools to be able to continue the development of my business independently. I have already recommended to other friends with start ups as I know she would add value to their projects as she did to mine. Thank you so much."
Meg Sippel
Aisle & Row

Frequently asked questions

A strategy session is an opportunity to work with me to tease out the special offerings that your business has, and find out the best way to communicate these to your dream client with the goal of increasing brand awareness and ultimately sales. 

It incorporates pre-work on both of our parts, along with a post session delivery of recommendations.

A strategy session can be held via zoom, but I find in person sessions get the best results. 

This is because I find discussion to flow more freely, while movement helps invigorate and draw out the best nuggets of insight.

For clients 5km+ from Currumbin (Gold Coast) a travel surcharge will be added. 

This depends on your business and your current goals. 

In general, I say the more heads the merrier. This is because everyone has a different viewpoint, and a different understanding of your offering and points of difference. Don’t be worried about having too many opinions in the room, as it’s my job to help cut through the noise, ensure we stay on track and I draw the best information out of your team. 

Where possible I recommend inviting a previous or current client to the session. This can feel confronting, but it’s often not possible to see your offering from the viewpoint of the client, and these sessions can be invaluable in pinpointing weaknesses and building upon them. 

Strategy sessions can be an invigorating team exercise that bring staff into alignment with a renewed focus, a sense of being valued and a part of a bigger common goal. 

Strategy sessions can be a helpful way to ensure all stakeholders within the business feel heard, and create buy in for new ventures or company shakeups. 

Strategy sessions are beneficial for staff, not just the business. 

Because you are the expert in your business!

Sometimes you just need a little support and to be asked the right questions to find out the best way to communicate your value. 

As business owners we have so much knowledge in our heads, but getting it out, getting it down on paper is where the value lies.

This helps to ensure the wider team is on the same page and you’re united in your delivery of products or services.

Every business should consider strategy a valuable foundation on which to build their marketing plan!

Strategy sessions are the right fit for businesses who are ready to make the time to implement suggestions and improvements to their business. 

Strategy sessions are the right fit for businesses who are open to some constructive criticism and ready to open themselves to feedback with the view for growth. 

Strategy sessions are a multi stage process. 

First up, we both have some prework. For you this is a questionnaire about your current and dream business state. For me, this is target market and competitor research. For stage one I allow one week. 

Next we meet up, either via zoom or face to face to dig into these points a little deeper. 

Post meeting I spend some time documenting our findings, and outlining any recommendations. For stage two I generally allow two weeks. Your report may be delivered earlier, but this will depend on our current work schedule.

Lastly we schedule a check in around a month post strategy delivery. This is to help keep you accountable, determine the outcome from our findings and find out if we need to revise or test and change for optimum results. 

I recommend businesses allow two months from start to finish.

Absolutely! In fact I recommend strategy sessions be a regular part of your marketing strategy. 

They can be useful when launching a new product or service, if you’re looking to grow, or just as a regular check in as to business marketing health. 

$825 one time payment*

Payment plan also available at checkout (4 fortnightly payments of $195 + GST)

Please Note

A link to pre work and to book your strategy session will be provided upon purchase.

Once purchased refunds or exchanges cannot be given. If you have any questions about the service, please feel free to email me prior to purchasing so that I can answer any queries you may have.

For clients who opt for a face to face meeting 5km+ from Currumbin (Gold Coast) a surcharge of $1.50 + GST per km will be added to cover time and travel expenses . 

* Pricing includes 10% GST.

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