Tegan Morris Coaching

empathy, respect, trust and authenticity.

My highest ambition in working with people is to create a space where people feel heard and recognized for their inherent value and their potentials to reach their goals.


Business Card Design
Landing Page Design and Development 


The logo for Tegan Morris Coaching ties in her initials, but using a stylised diamond also represents her offering.

Tegan utilises her experience in overcoming obstacles to help her clients build confidence, achieve their goals and realise their potential.

Like a gem produced under pressure, our challenges help shape who we become.  

Tegan Morris

"Nikki's approach was professional but personable and she worked very efficiently to bring together my brand package.

I was very impressed by the thoroughness of the process but without it feeling overwhelming.

The finished product is crisp, clear and conveys just what I need for my brand. Thank you."