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Website audit

Every day, I stumble across websites that hurt my eyeballs.

It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to DIY their own website, or have it built by a friend, or even worse source a contractor through fiver. YIKES!

The simple fact is, as a business owner, you don’t know what you don’t know. We often miss what’s right in front of us, don’t take the time to take a critical look at our own work, or can’t see our own offering through the eyes of our clients.

My reviews go deeper. I won't just tell you what to change, I'll tell you why.

A website audit from Seedling Digital allows you to

– Dig into your business pain points
– Make improvements to user experience
– Optimise your site to be discovered by search engines
– Discover potential areas of growth
– Increase conversion rates
– Increase your own knowledge

What a Website Audit includes

– Pre-audit questionnaire (you)
– In-depth review of up to 5 web pages of your choice (me)
– Documentation of findings (up to 15 pages of recommendations).

A website audit looks at 6 key areas

Conversion Optimisation

Do you have a clear Call to Action (CTA) on each page of your website? It’s important to always have an intended action that you would like your visitor to take. This could be to book a call with your company, send in a quote request or to purchase a product / service through a checkout.

SEO / Online Visibility

We’ll look at how visible your website currently is in the search engines for the type of searches that your target audience are performing. We’ll make a note of any competitors (locally or nationally) who are getting more visibility and attention than you. Just like you, we want your website to be more visible than your biggest competitors.

User Experience

We’ll review the experience that a typical visitor has on your website. Is everything easy for them to use? Can they easily contact your business if they need more information on your products or services? Perhaps you’re doing something at the moment without realising that could negatively impact the browsing experience of a potential customer.

Website Speed / Performance

We’ll carry out a number of speed and performance tests on your website. If your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load, it would likely need some speed optimisation work. You only have 2 seconds to capture the attention of the average visitor, so you don’t want this time to be spent with them just waiting for your site to load.

Website Security

We’ll check the security of your website and make sure that you have good protection in place to secure your data as well as the data belonging to your customers. Where there are any issues, we’ll make a note of these and provide recommendations for fixes.

Bonus for WordPress sites only

We’ll carry out a backend review of your WordPress website, looking at how it has been put together, the plugins used and the active theme. We’ll specifically be looking for elements that are outdated or not maintained as these will present a security risk to your business. Any issues will be noted, along with their potential impact.

$550 one time payment*

Payment plan also available at checkout (3 fortnightly payments of $175 + GST)

Our clients say

"I asked Nikki for help with getting more conversions on my site and she showed me a whole bunch of things to change, and she gave excellent advice on how to fix the problem areas. She really knows her stuff and I highly recommend her!"
Laura Gibbs
Laura Gibbs Design
"Seedling Digital is incredible! They provide thorough, thoughtful, creative and genuine assistance for small businesses. My website has been taken to the next level thanks to Nikki and her incredible knowledge in digital marketing. I was in awe of her ability to translate the digital language into terms I could work with and she gave me tools to be able to continue the development of my business independently. I have already recommended to other friends with start ups as I know she would add value to their projects as she did to mine. Thank you so much."
Meg Sippel
Aisle & Row

Frequently asked questions

A website audit is a review of the front end, and back end of your website with the view of making recommendations to improve user experience, converstion and brand authority.

It’s important to keep your website updated and suitable for your target audience. This means having a clear goal with the content that you’re creating and ensuring that you clearly state your message to your visitors. Website security is also a major issue. If you’re not looking after your website, this presents a large security risk to your business.

Every business with a website!

Whether your site was built by a seasoned developer, or a DIY home job, there is always scope for improvement. 

Yes! While when we build a website from scratch, we use WordPress, website audits are designed to be helpful for websites built on any platform. 

Once we have completed the Website Audit we will create and send over a PDF report document, with included action points. This will let you know if you have any items that need resolving on your website to improve the design, user experience, website performance, security and any errors that we’ve found.

In the past, we’ve sent out reports up to 15 pages long!

We typically need around two weeks to complete your Website Audit from the point of receiving your order and completed pre work (you’ll receive a link to this form after purchasing).

Your report may be delivered earlier, but this will depend on our current work schedule.

Once the Website Audit is complete, we’ll be sure to send over our report and the details of the recommended next steps.


When we send out your report we’ll check in to see if you’re confident with making these changes yourself, have a trusted developer who can support or would like to engage Seedling to support with changes and maintence if required.

We also offer a bulk pack of hours to previous clients at a discounted rate, so this might be a good fit for you!

We’ll be sure to offer this when sending over your audit report. 

$550 one time payment*

Payment plan also available at checkout (3 fortnightly payments of $175 + GST)

Please Note

Please allow two weeks for audit delivery from the return of pre-review questionnaire. A link will be provided upon purchase.

Once purchased refunds or exchanges cannot be given. If you have any questions about the service, please feel free to email me prior to purchasing so that I can answer any queries you may have.

* Pricing includes 10% GST.

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