What the hell is SSL?

It seriously blows my mind how many websites I visit these days that don’t have a secure connection. 

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer SSL, and represents the difference between a website URL starting with HTTP or HTTPS.

That S stands for Secure. ⁠

SSL is a type of security technology to ensure that the link between the web server and your browser is secure.

This means that any data passed between you and the website remains private. For this to occur, websites need an up to date certificate. ⁠

If your website is not secure, this will be affecting your SEO juju, and consequently your website traffic.

If your certificate expires and you don’t get this up to date in a timely fashion, visitors may be presented with a warning that your website is trying to steal their information! ⁠

It is mandatory in today’s digital landscape to have a valid SSL certificate.

If you’re having SSL issues, please get in touch, we can help you get this updated!


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