What’s missing from your marketing strategy?

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace, when a small business doesn’t have strong brand design, development, and marketing, it can be exceptionally difficult to attract the right audience. With these key components in place, though, a business is in a position to thrive.

Brand identity design is your way of announcing yourself to the world. Think of it as your company’s version of curb appeal. Through visual appeal and recognition, it can create a lasting mental impression that pays off through increased traffic (and ultimately, conversions), just as homebuyers who like what they see from outside are more likely to come take a look inside (and ultimately, make an offer).

There are quite a few reasons that effective brand development and design, along with effective brand marketing, are so important for a small business. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Improved Recognition

Your logo helps establish your business’s brand (identity), and it is arguably your most powerful marketing and advertising tool. The best logos are simple, yet memorable. Think of Nike’s “swoosh” logo, for instance – instantly recognizable, simple and let’s face it, inoffensive. Your branding also serves to differentiate you, reminding everyone of what you represent and how you stand out from the rest of the field. Once you establish your brand identity, you’ll use it everywhere– business cards, ads, uniforms, promotions, packaging, etc.

Generation of Trust and Loyalty

Through your branding, customers are able to develop an enduring sense of who you are and what they can expect. As you build trust through branding, reliable service, and quality, you’re able to build loyalty as well. Customers who trust you will likely keep coming back, because they are able to associate your brand with quality and reliability in a salient and tangible way.

Expansion to New Customers

Those loyal customers will be more likely to recommend you to others by word of mouth or through social media, and your branding and logo both help them get there and provide a vehicle for doing so.

Employee Enthusiasm

Strong branding also has a powerful effect on the culture within your business. When employees believe that they are a part of something that has clear direction, purpose, and value, they are far more likely to feel personal pride in being on the team. Invested employees exhibit higher morale and exhibit enthusiasm, increased productivity, and lower turnover. Employees proud of where they work and what they do will also promote the business to others, expanding your customer base.

Linked to Advertising

Your branding will be a key part of all advertising you do. As we mentioned already, it will be the face of your business by being not just in ads but on packaging, uniforms, and the like. Today, good branding has to transfer well across numerous different platforms in both traditional sources and on social media.

More Value

Successful branding also builds value. For a large, publicly traded company, this helps in the stock market, where companies with strong visual branding tend to far outperform others in returns over time. However, even a small business can benefit financially from branding in ways other than sales alone. For example, if your company is perceived as being more valuable, it may qualify for larger loans, better terms on loans, or both.

So how can you identify how well your branding is working, or how to design it if you are just getting started? There are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • Who is my target audience? Will the design appeal to them? Will it make sense to them?
  • Are my branding and messaging consistent so that customers know what to expect and what to look for?
  • Does my branding convey how my business is unique and not just any other in the field?
  • Does the branding reflect the values, goals, and promises that my business holds and has promised its customers?
  • Are people visiting my website staying on it? Are they seeing the pages and clicking the links that I want them to?
  • Are my products or services performing the way I’ve promised and my customers expect they will?
  • Is quality meeting or exceeding expectations?
  • Do my customers enjoy a positive experience with my business?
  • Are my customers returning?
  • Are my employees loyal and positive?
  • Are new customers seeking out my products and services?

If your answer to all of these is “Yes,” that’s great; your branding is likely working! If it’s “Yes” to most but not all, then it may be time to take a step back and reassess your branding and how that affects your brand identity. If it’s “Yes” to only a few, then it’s definitely time to consult branding and design professionals to see how you can overhaul your current branding and capture the audience you want!

The good news is that this isn’t something you have to manage all on your own.

If you own a small business and you are looking to expand your brand and make it more recognizable, desirable, and prestigious, Seedling Digital is ready to help. Our process is designed to dig into the heart of your offering and develop a brand suite that lands with your target market, builds trust with your dream clients, and represents your business in the best light. To get started, contact us here today!

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