Why your business needs more than “Just a logo”

I understand that every business needs to start somewhere, but I’d love to share with you the reason you need a brand, not just a logo. ⁠

A logo is the embodiment of your businesses vision, vibe, values, offering and personality. ⁠

It’s the first impression, and first chance to connect with your dream client. ⁠

A good logo will exponentially help you grow your business, while a bad logo will ultimately hurt your brand, likely without you even noticing the clients you’re missing out on. ⁠

‘Just a logo’ is the manifestation of, at a minimum with a good designer, 50 hours work. ⁠

It also includes the many years taken to learn the features of the complex software, the design fails and successes it’s taken to learn what works and what doesn’t. ⁠

It includes an in-depth intake questionnaire. Target market research. Word clouds. Trawling through pages and pages of fonts. Colour theory. Metaphorical symbolism research. Sketching. Refinements. Hours pushing pixels. Client changes. ⁠

Often we have something in our head to start with, we put it into Illustrator and it doesn’t work. ⁠We have a concept, but it doesn’t work with a particular font or weight. So it’s back to the drawing board. 

Each brand I create comes with a back story. Meaning behind the mark. ⁠

Each brand pack comes with brand guidelines to help ensure consistent application of your brand, which over time builds trust with your customers. ⁠

Each file bundle contains a minimum of 150 file types, so you’re covered for any application. This means your logo will print clearly, appear unpixelated on screen, and be available without a white background. You get a primary logo, a secondary logo and a brand mark. You get these in JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF and AI files. For each of these you get them in RGB, CMYK and Pantone formats. And for each of these, you receive full-colour, mono, reverse and a grayscale version. In some cases, you might have a version with foiling, texture or a gradient. So depending on the client this can run up to 300 files. They’re bundled and labelled clearly for ease of use. ⁠

When you start out strong, with a brand that represents your offering, your business has a stronger chance of success and growth.

I like to refer to a good brand as something to hang your hat on. Something you can believe in, rely on and trust in. 

Does your current brand fit stack up? If not, get in touch!


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