Worms Downunder

Minimising waste, regenerative growing and vermicomposting


This was a website that badly needed an upgrade! It hadn’t been touched for years, and was simultaneously both overwhelming and underwhelming. You could only purchase one item at a time, the user journey was unclear, and the website was lacking basic functionality and search engine optimisation.


Worms Downunder was looking for an online space where they could:

  • share their passion for ways to reduce waste conveniently
  • increase health awareness
  • educate the community on the benefits of vermicomposting
  • educate using worm assisted composting to reduce organic waste entering landfill
  • increase conversions through subscriptions, affiliate sales, recommended add ons and upsells
  • make regular changes and minor updates on their own without support


“Nikki completed a website redevelopment project for us, we absolutely love our finished website and we will definitely continue to use Nikki for all future digital work. The entire project from start to finish was such a pleasure. She is a fantastic communicator, her processes and systems are top quality, no issue was too big for her to resolve and even complex requests she was able to work through. She went above and beyond our expectations.”


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