Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

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We’re not talking about investing here, although I must admit I’m partial to a re-read of the barefoot investor!  When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a fine line between relying on one platform, and diluting your brand messaging by spreading yourself too thin. Like everything, you should be hitting that sweet spot, the middle […]

Hashtag how to

The online environment has really flipped the world on its head. What used to be known as the number symbol, has now become a way to advertise, navigate, search, discover and index. Get seen Hashtags are one of the main ways your business can be found on Instagram. this generally happens three main ways. Follows: […]

The lowdown on social media competitions

  It’s a fairly common practice these days, using social media to conduct a competition with the aim of increasing business exposure. When done well, they can be a goldmine for growth. 90,000 new Instagram followers anyone? That’s 90,000 new potential clients to market to, on a daily basis. And once you have them, as […]