141: setting yourself apart – the power of brand strategy and clever website design

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the incredibly talented Jacqui Naunton Graphic Design Coach, Cheesecake Lover, Canva Cheerleader Nikki and Seriously in Business podcast. I shared invaluable insights on creating a powerful brand strategy, managing feedback, nailing website game, and finding work-life balance.

Crafting a Solid Brand Strategy

Let’s kick things off with the importance of having a solid brand strategy. Start with documenting your vision, values, mission, points of difference, and problem-solving approach is key. It’s like having a roadmap that guides your business towards success. So, grab your notepad and start jotting down those thoughts and ideas, my friends! It all starts with brainstorming.

Understand Your Audience and Adapt

Don’t underestimate the need for customer research and understanding your target audience’s perspective. Nikki shared a fascinating example where a financial services company discovered their initial vision didn’t align with their audience. Finding a middle ground in the brand strategy helped them carve their niche and grow their business. So, survey your customers and dive into their minds! Ask them what they were struggling with when they chose you over others. It’s all about cracking the code of what they truly value.

Embrace Feedback, Fearlessly

Feedback, whether positive or negative, is a goldmine for improvement. View feedback constructively and seize the opportunity to refine your business. Remember, criticism isn’t a personal attack; it’s a roadmap for growth! Embrace it, learn from it, and watch your brand flourish.

Hidden Secrets to Your Website’s Power

A good website is simultaneously easy and hard to achieve. Start by brushing up on basic SEO knowledge, optimizing images (make sure they’re not too large and slowing your website!), using meta descriptions and alt tags, and integrating with Google Analytics.

Also consider factors like user experience, functionality, and site speed. And don’t forget to harness the power of Google! Submit your site, set up Google My Business, strategise your keywords, and watch as your online presence soars.

And there you have it —expert tips yours truly! Armed with these insights, you can now boldly forge ahead in crafting a strong brand strategy, fearlessly embracing feedback, optimizing your website, and finding the elusive work-life balance. Unleash your brand’s potential and watch it thrive!

Until next time, keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep listening to the Seriously in Business podcast!

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