Auckland Property Partners

We exist to work with unloved properties to turn them into treasured homes.


The logo contains an illustrated house with a classic feel and elements of opulence. It’s grand in size, while the small touches make it feel loved, and lived in. Like home. Rose bushes sit on the porch to represent the Auckland Property Partners sister brand, Rose Renovations, while lanterns aside the front door have been added to reflect the way APP guide their clients and illuminate their path with experience and knowledge.


Auckland Property Partners are looking for a brand and online space where they could:

  • inspire people with their dream projects
  • create spaces for families to feel at home
  • build a connection for buying and selling opportunities


“Nikki was the exact blessing we were asking for. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to not only hit my brief – but smash it out the park.

She got allll of our desires, thoughts and emotions into our design and website. I was honestly left speechless and full of gratitude.

Thank you so very much Nikki. You’re incredibly talented. Couldn’t recommend you highly enough”


Auckland Property Partners Business Cards
Auckland Property Partners Sign
Auckland Property Partners Website Tablet View
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