Karolina Szymala

Yoga as a holistic practice


Brand concepts for Karolina Szymala bring together elements of the sun and moon, with symbols of sacred geometry.

The Sun being the HA, the symbol of the masculine, right energy channel, and Moon being the Tha – the symbol of the feminine energy, left energy channel. 


Karolina was looking for an online space where she could:

  • communicate her offering
  • share her class timetable
  • allow students to book in for special events and retreats
  • allow corporate clients to book a zoom consultation to discuss potential classes for staff 
  • other yoga teachers could book in for her signature mentoring program


“Thank you for your receptivity and creativity”


Karolina Szymala Design
Karolina Szymala Logo
Karolina Website
Karolina Szymala Business card Mockup
Our time: 3:25pm AEST

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