Urban & Co.

Live beautifully through inspired design


The Urban & Co. brand has been inspired by the unique elements and touches that make each of their builds spectacular. The brand is designed to uphold the standard of luxury and quality they’re known for, and allow their work to shine through an elegant and composed design treatment.

Colors are monochrome, which feels premium but allows the work to shine. A hand drawn font adds a touch of uniqueness, balanced with a refined sans serif to bring in the element of sophistication and authority. Illustrations are be used to add depth and feeling to collateral while building a personal relationship with potential clients.


Sexy micro-interactions and sticky CTA’s take this minimalist website to the next level. Urban & Co. 


“We really appreciate all that you’re doing and are loving your designs! “


“Love the layout, very easy to navigate through the site. Maintains the minimalist while also exerting elegance.”


Urban And Co
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A Seedling Digital brand design sign, showcasing black and white elegance, hanging on the side of a building in Gold Coast.
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