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Case study

Sarah actually came to me wanting a few small changes to her old site after her previous developer disappeared, which is unfortunately so common in this industry! After a quick review of her current site, I discovered multiple page builders were in use on the site, a clear issue and a quick-fire way to discover that it hasn’t been built to best practice. Unfortunately, I won’t go near sites like this, as I don’t want to cause additional issues without knowing how the backend is set up, and I let Sarah know about her predicament.

Sarah came back keen to explore the option of a full redesign.

I’m a little hesitant in these situations, as I’m not someone to ‘sell’ something they don’t specifically need or aren’t specifically looking for!

But I think Sarah could see that her old site could be improved, and having a site built to best practice would support her future business growth and conversion rate. The old site wasn’t the worst I’d seen, but there was definitely space for an upgrade.

So after a consult, we went ahead, and I’m so so glad we did! The before and afters speak for themselves.


That full-screen menu is to die for! Feature video adds a layer of brand story telling and depth. 


REVIEW STAGE: “I have just started glancing through the website. I AM IN LOVE!!! IT IS GORGEOUS! I am so excited for this to be the face of our online presence!!!”

PRE LAUNCH: “This process has been so easy, seamless and a very calm experience, so thank you very much.”

POST LAUNCH: “This website is amazing! I have been getting so many messages from clients today! I really can’t thank you enough 🙏🏻”



Photo + Video by Jeff Livingston

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