Why storytelling is an essential component of branding

When it comes to creating a company, branding is everything! Branding is the way you present yourself to your audience, and if your audience resonates with your brand, they convert and over the long term become loyal customers. 

Your brand is what helps you stand out. It is more than just a logo, a symbol, a name, a slogan, a typeface or a collection of colours. It is the collective whole of all those things and more. 

There’s a good chance that other companies provide the same services you do. Branding allows you to differentiate yourself, prove why you’re the best in your field, create memorability and build trust. And, with social media, and the explosion of digital advertising, branding is more important than ever. In fact, it can take your business to the next level. 

The aspects mentioned above are things we typically think of when the term branding comes to mind. But there is another aspect of branding that we don’t always think about – the factor that gives a personal feel to your brand and lets your audience feel an emotional connection with you. That aspect is known as brand storytelling

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is a brand marketing strategy that allows your audience a detailed look into who you are, where you come from, and what your values are through creative storytelling. 

It is the act of a story (your story) through copy, visual representation and other mediums like social media (posts and videos) to help your audience understand your company. It helps potential customers understand you through stories of your company’s beginnings to where it stands today. Brand storytelling a way for your audience to establish a genuine connection with your brand’s story, values, and mission. Besides, who doesn’t love a good story? 

Examples of brand storytelling

Some of our most beloved companies utilize brand storytelling, and it’s helped them create loyal customers. We all have to start somewhere! Then, brands maintain their image by presenting their brands in new, creative ways. 

For example, Warby Parker Eyewear is an eyewear company that serves as an alternative to high-priced eyewear. They started their company with this in mind, and their brand’s story plays into that. The founders started off as students and said that one of them lost their glasses during a backpacking trip. When they tried to replace their lost glasses and ran into high costs, they took matters into their own hands. Their backstory is something people can relate to and makes their brand unique. Warby Parker also donates a portion of their monthly profits to nonprofit partners to make eye care and affordable eyewear available for developing countries. So, we have an idea of what their values are. 

Another example is Dove’s “real beauty” campaign, which showed the difference between how women look and the standards society places on them. The standards can be unfair and do not capture the “real beauty” of everyday women. This campaign struck a chord with an audience of women who deal with this issue and showed what Dove stands for. 

Why is brand storytelling important?

Brand Storytelling is important because it shows a side of you that resonates with your audience. It adds flair to your brand and shows that you’re human. The cold, faceless corporation is no longer an option. Storytelling is more important than ever and can take your business to the next level. 

Research from Headstream shows that 55 percent of consumers who connect with a brand’s story are more likely (and willing) to make a purchase. The Harvard Business Review looked at customers and how companies sometimes go about marketing to their audience the wrong way. 

When it came to brand relationships, 64 percent of customers shared the same values of a brand. What better way to share your values with your audience than brand storytelling? With this in mind, it is important to establish your brand’s story and make a real connection with your audience. 

Why should you choose Seedling Digital to develop your brand?

Having a powerful brand does not automatically happen with powerful marketing. It happens after you’ve fully researched your field, audience, competitors, values, mission, conception story, goals and aspirations. 

Marketing merely helps you align your brand with your audience’s needs and desires. Ultimately, though, branding happens when you successfully connect with the people you want to reach — and give them a meaningful, valuable experience. 

If you own a small business and you are looking to expand your brand and make it more recognizable, Seedling Digital is ready to help. Our process is designed to dig into the heart of your offering and develop a brand suite that lands with your target market, builds trust with your dream clients, and represents your business in the best light. To get started, book a call to see if it’s a good fit today.

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